I’ll Be Back

It is hard to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new governor of California. I don’t have much of an opinion about it, other than it is amazing that an Austrian immigrant turned Hollywood action hero can become the governor of his state with no political experience. Who knows? It might be just what California needs to get out of the hole it is in.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back”

  1. Maybe one could say, “Only in California!”
    Arnold’s win does remind me somewhat of Jessie Ventura’s victory.

  2. Ok. I really do have an opinion–did anyone really believe that I don’t? Anyway, I think Dawn is probably right. Arnold is only a “fiscal conservative.” He is certainly not morally or socially republican. After all, he has been married to a Kennedy for years.

    Mom, I also thought of Jessie Ventura’s victory in MN. Actually, I saw Jessie interviewed by Fox news when Arnold first announced his candidacy. I guess it just seems Arnold came completely out of the blue and I can’t imagine voting for someone like him myself.

  3. Jennifer, I’m with you. He might have *some* fiscal sense but he will, as Dawn said, be the bane of the Republican party. He stands in opposition to virtually everything that keeps me voting Republican. If he aspires to a political career beyond Govinator, I may have to bail.

    OK, I admit it (it’s dangerous to do in Horne territory). I’m a registered Republican. When I take the silly online tests I get labeled conservative or libertarian but I could never vote libertarian. Time will tell if any other viable party surfaces.

  4. I often wonder which would be worse: A world governed by sentient killer machines or a world governed by aging Hollywood actors. Perhaps Ah-nuld is more of a threat in his current incarnation.

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