Errands with kids

I would like to report that I really no longer dread taking all 4 of my children out to the store with me. Sure, it is easier and faster to go alone, but all in all, the three older ones have been doing quite well on errand outings lately. And, at this point, the baby can do nothing to really make it difficult to have her along. (Ok, she could cry and scream, but overall, she doesn’t. ) I have had a few happy moments lately thinking about how pleasant it is not to fret about taking them along, so I thought I would highlight their good behavior here on my blog.

3 thoughts on “Errands with kids”

  1. Hello Jennifer!

    I don’t know if I’ve been to your blog before, but I’ve been to your family’s site (, and to Mark’s great blog. Check out my comment here,
    (it’s the second comment at that entry),

    expressing how glad I was at finding another traditionalist conservative blog. I that comment, I posted my blog’s web address, as well as the address for my other blog, containing a copy of my past entries on war and foreign policy. I also linked there to Pieter Friedrich’s great ‘Deux Ego’ weblog; you may have been to that site before; it gets more traffic than my own blog. I am actually currently the temporary second blogger at ‘Deux Ego’ (until Jamie, the regular second blogger, returns).

    Your blog looks nice… Keep up the good work!

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