Ebay’s amazing

In preparation for homeschooling, I, of course had to buy curriculum. A friend of mine suggested looking for used curriculum on ebay. I would never have thought of this. So over the last week, I have spent some time bidding on some of the curriculum I wanted. Thanks to ebay, I have managed to get 75% of what I need for about half the price of buying it new. I’ve always been a big bargain hunter, so this was pretty fun for me.

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Actually this is “just” Mark. We had some control panel confusion and I don’t see anyway to switch back authorship without deleting and reposting and thus losing comments…. So just know that the entry below was actually written by Jennifer (just as this is actually written by me–but the text above was cut and pasted from a now deleted entry so that it is actually from Jennifer….)

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  1. Congrats to you on your delightful and helpful ebay finds. I almost think if one cannot find it on ebay, then it’s not worth finding! I hope you will enjoy using your wonderful curriculum even more knowing what a great deal you got on it!

    Some of my favorite acquisitions on ebay are church/dress clothes and shoes for my kiddos which would be horribly expensive if bought new in the stores but which I’ve found for a song in the auction wonderland. My best recent find of this type is a pair of beautifully made Elefanten boys’ black patent laceups which retail at Nordstroms for $60 but which I bought in new condition (worn once for a wedding) for $4 including shipping. Jonathan calls them his “shiny shoes” and begs me almost everyday to wear them!

  2. Tricia,
    I would like to spend more time exploring ebay. If only we had cable modems available in OK’s rural heartland . . . sigh For now I’ll have to settle for small forays into the on-line auction world.

  3. You gotta love ebay!!! Whenever I see something I want to buy, I always check to see what things are going for on ebay to see if it is a good deal. I use it to look for weird misc. household items. I have gotten some great deals on ebay. I am currently checking out an encyclopedia set and hope to get a good deal (it just takes time)I have to say my best deal was my $278 Coach purse that I had drooled over for 2 years but would never pay for. I got one in near perfect condition for $78 including shipping. May seem like a lot for a purse but I love it and it will last for years.

    I know you don’t have cable modem so you can’t bid fast but there is something out there call “bid sniping” that you can have a computer bid at the last second for you. Apparently a lot of people who win auctions at the last minute use this sort of software. I don’t use it but you can google “bid sniping software” or “bid sniper” to learn more about it. You are probably fine just keeping it low key though but if you ever get competitive you may want to check it out.

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