Larry Burkett dies

I haven’t looked at many blogs lately, so perhaps this news is on someone else’s blog that I missed. I came across it this morning on an e-mail from Leadership Journal. In the midst of all the celebrities who have died in the last week, it seems none of the popular media has reported on the passing of Larry Burkett, something of a Christian celebrity. So it seemed worth mentioning here.

Larry Burkett gave financial advice that was conservative and helpful to many. I haven’t always followed his advice, but I appreciated his ministry. I was also always aware of him, since as a single woman working for a Christian TV ministry in the late 80s, co-workers and people I was in contact with for work-related things always asked if I was related to him. My maiden name is Burkett, but we were not related.

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  1. I just happened to come across this web site and thought I would say a few words about Larry. I met Larry in 1973 and he became one of my two closest friends outside of my family. He had a sharp mind and a humble spirit. He was well respected by Christian leaders and many others but never took himself seriously. He practiced what he preached and was faithful to the end. All he wanted to do was help others, not only with their finances but with their health through the Foundation that he started…The Larry Burkett Cancer Research Foundation. The only reason that he placed his name in the title was because he felt that it might bring in more revenue for research. He always felt that God permitted him to live an extra 8 years so that he could help others find treatment for cancer that they might not otherwise know existed. I would encourage anyone who has cancer or knows of someone with cancer to learn about and support his foundation. I will continue to do so.

    Bob Field, former Director of Crown Ministries.

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