I feel the need to blog since it has been over a week since my last entry. However, all I have to report on is daily life in and around our house. So if you are bored already, please stop reading now. I was busy with the children last week since Mark was off on a church trip until Wednesday night. Boy, was I glad to see him when he got home! The next two days were filled with chores of various sorts.

Saturday was a fun day. A friend in Norman hosted a baby shower luncheon for me with a small group of women. It was all very elegantly arranged with really girly food and lots of pretty things. This is just the kind of thing I love. The big surprise was that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (along with my cute 9-month-old nephew, Nicolas) drove up from the Dallas area for the event. I was really touched that they went to all the trouble to make the 3+ hour drive to be there. It was a very special day, and I appreciated all the effort that went into making it that way!

Sunday was interesting as well. We had a family visit the church from a town about 60 miles north of us. They were a boon to our normally small group. God also used their visit to take care of one issue of concern for us as our normal pianist was out with stomach flu, and we thought we would have to sing acapella. Instead, one of the daughters of the visiting family volunteered to play the piano for us. We were able to enjoy a meal and fellowship with the visitors and one other couple from church after the service, too. Of course, the distance this family is from our church will probably prevent any regular attendance at our church, but we appreciated them while they were with us. It was a good Sunday–really the way we wish every Sunday could be.

This week has started with 5-year-old Nevin’s t-ball team winning their first regular season game. This comes on the heals of their winning the league’s pre-season tournament last weekend. So our hopes are starting to build for Minco’s first-year t-ball team to have a great season! (By the way, as soon as I get a refresher on how to put photos up, I’ll have a couple of pictures of the winning team with their trophies.)

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you got a shower for baby #4. Hope you got much of what you need for baby Geneva. It’s rare to have another baby shower after the first, even though many moms need to replace worn-out items and have even less cash to do so themselves. Three cheers for your friends and family!

  2. Hmmm…so it’s not Geneva. It can’t be Heidelberg because that one is taken by another blogger (do links work here?). And there’s the “V” thing to consider…

    Olivia! Short and feminized for Olevianus…right?

  3. Laurel,
    You are right about having a shower for #4 being unusual. I didn’t expect to have any. But my friend loves to entertain, and this gave her a good excuse. She also knew that we had not really saved a lot of stuff after Evangeline was born. We purged a bunch of big baby stuff when we moved, thinking we might be finished and also wanting to lighten the load for the move. I should also tell you that the weight-loss group I go to also threw me a little shower. They are mostly older women, and they are so excited at the prospect of having a little baby around once in a while to coddle and spoil a bit. I have taken Evangeline with me a couple of times to meetings, and when she has been there, she ruled the roost! I am really thankful for the generosity and help we have received with the coming of this baby. It is a blessing to us for sure!

  4. Jenn, I think you should continue to keep the name secret. Otherwise, announcing your daughter’s arrival will seem anticlimactic. Besides, we are having too much fun guessing.

    My brother and his wife announced to everyone months before his birth that their son would be Ian Joseph. When he was born, it was like, “Well, here’s Ian.” Ho hum.

  5. Laurel,
    It will already be “anticlimactic” for our family. They and most of the people we know in person already know her name. We have told people the names of all of our children ahead of time. We always saw it as a way to make the baby more personal to us, rather than always refering to the unborn child as he or she. The only reason I haven’t put it on the blog is because of the discussion of her name that you and Joel started back in December.
    And Barb, the name isn’t Heidleburg. Also, this child, I am afraid, will suffer “v” envy.

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