One evening last week, Mark watched the children while I was out. I came home, and Evangeline was happily coloring at the kitchen table. She showed me a picture and said, “I colored this Mommy.”

I replied, “Did you really?”

She said, “Yes. Do you like it?”

I said, “Yes, but are you sure you colored it? I’ll have to ask Daddy.”

Then Mark came around the corner from the other room. “Hey, did you see the picture she colored?” he asked.

I said, “So, she really did color it?”

“Yeah,” Mark said. “I was pretty impressed. She chose the colors and decided to color each ear of the bear a color different from his body.”

As I have mentioned before, she colors much more intentionally than the boys did at her age. She also has really improved with coloring in the lines and completing entire pictures in the last couple of months. But this picture looked better than anything she had ever done. I hope no one thinks that my lack of belief indicates that Evangeline regularly lies. She does not. My experience with the boys having little interest in coloring even to this day just made me a skeptic.

4 thoughts on “Coloring”

  1. Bridget is so different at coloring than Joey. Yesterday I was trying to do email and Bridget came downstairs so I printed her off a Hello Kitty coloring sheet. I only had one felt pen, red, so I gave it to her. She proceded to color the entire picture for 20 minutes (with one color)!! Joey has never spent more than 30 seconds coloring anything (gluing or stamping yes, but coloring NO)Her picture hardly had any coloring outside the lines and she asked me to help her because there were still some white spots inside the kitties. At 3 years old she is a much more proficient “colorer” than Joey is now at 4 1/2. It is amazing to see the differences.

  2. Only one of my sons even makes an attempt at coloring between the lines — and he is almost 5. He chooses wacky colors for things. Just today he colored a rainbow kangaroo. The other two couldn’t care less about coloring in any specific way. Most of the time it looks like they intentionally ignore the lines and just concentrate on doing their own thing. Maybe it is just a boy thing.

  3. My boys (5 1/2 and almost 7)both seem to have the same attitude about coloring. If they apply some color to the page, they seem to think it is colored. For both of them in school now, coloring pages is one of the things given to them regularly as “filler work,” and they almost never finish them.

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