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Mark and I have lamented the lack of bookstores in Oklahoma City. There are a couple of Borders and a couple of Barnes and Nobles, but for the size of the city, it seems there should be more. Yukon, a suburb we frequent since it is on the west side of the city and closer to us, has a Hastings. But we really like to visit bookstores–good bookstores. And, we have found this part of the country lacking.

However, on Friday, Mark went out and about with a friend here for a little excursion to OKC. While they were out, our friend took him to a bookstore we had passed called Full Circle Books. We always assumed it was a new age bookstore, so we never checked it out. Mark came home and told me how great it was.

So yesterday, after a family outing to OKC for various reasons, he took us by Full Circle Books. It was great! It had neat little seating areas in several alcove-like rooms where you could browse to your hearts content. It also had a little coffee bar and a group seating area with fireplace in the center. In addition to all of the “ambiance” that we have come to appreciate in good bookstores, it seemed to have a nice selection of books in stock. We found a couple of unique books the likes of which we haven’t come across in a B & N or Borders.

Another nice plus of this place is that it could become a good date spot for future outings without the kids.

3 thoughts on “Bookstore find”

  1. Nothing better than a good bookstore. Our small, fair city has a number of them tucked away in little corners of strip malls from the 80’s people have forgotten about. You know, the ones that had a big chain store anchor that closed and now is full of mom-and-pop stores. One store in particular has a nice section of reformed titles and some old Bibles in a back corner. I try to tuck them behind other books until I get the money to get them. I’m such a sneak.

  2. Joe Jon,
    Mark used to work for a great independent store when we lived in Nashville. Now it has been sucked up by one of the bigger chains 🙁

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