I am going to the women’s conference at Heritage Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City tonight and tomorrow with a couple of women from our church. I am looking forward to it, and I am hoping that the weather will cooperate by not bringing the sleet and freezing rain that has been promised for today.

The funny thing is, the topic for the conference is “Divine Contentment.” Funny. I have been a member of the PCA for 16 years now, and I think this is the third women’s conference I have attended at PCA churches where something to do with contentment is the theme. Could this be because women have a harder time accepting things as they are than men do? What do you think?

I’ll let you know if I am better able to be content after talking about it for a day and a half. I sort of doubt it. I suspect I’ll just feel more guilty for not being content. Still, it will be nice to get together with other women in a girly setting enjoying each other’s company.

6 thoughts on “Contentment”

  1. I look forward to hearing about the conference. In the meantime I’m praying for “contented” children at home for Mark.

  2. I’m not sure women have a harder time being content, I am, after all, a guy. What I can say is that any time my fiance is discontent with me or our relationship, odds are she’s justified in being upset. Then again, discontent is different upsetness caused by my sin, right?

  3. Heritage’s pastor, Chuck Garriott, is my pastor’s brother. Not that that has anything to do with anything…just being stream-of-conciousnessish!

  4. Valerie,
    Mark and I noticed that before from a blog entry of yours months back. Small world, huh? Another interesting factoid about the Garriots is that the third brother is an assistant pastor at Heritage. Their mama must be proud!

  5. Yes, I knew Chris was there, too. There are two other brothers, too, if I’ve got my facts straight.

    Another funny thing…a couple years ago I went to some meeting or other at another church and ran into friends — a retired couple — I’d known since 1989 — the second of the two summers I worked in Yellowstone. When I told them where I was going to church now, the woman said, “Oh, well you know Craig’s my nephew.” Small world, eh?

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