Tired of Sickness Blogs

Admit it. You’re tired of reading about people being sick on their blogs. Well, I am going to add yet another entry about my being sick.

It started out as a bad cough 2 weeks ago. By the end of week 1, coughing was calming down. Then the head congestion started. This past Sun night/Mon morning, I woke up at 3:30 am, and I couldn’t get back to sleep because of the congestion. Since this is the beginning of week 3 for the overall sickness and the beginning of week 2 for the congestion, I called the doctor. Her office called in prescription. Seventy dollars and 2 doses later, I am feeling almost human again. Drugs are a good thing. Although, I am glad that I don’t make them a habit–too pricey.

We all need (want) to whine and be babies once in a while. Please bear with me for whining about being sick again. I am just ready for the seasons to make up their minds for winter to leave and spring to come. Perhaps that will put an end to all of this cold/flu nonsense.