High Flyer

I finished High Flyer by Susan Howatch last night. Great read! Every time I read a new Susan Howatch book, I am struck by how amazingly she can weave characters from past books into the storyline of the new book. The best thing is that although they are series books, they can stand alone, too. She provides enough character development in a single book that a reader doesn’t have to have read the previous books. Yet, she does this without what I like to call boring “info dumping.” However, if you have read the previous books, you feel like you really know the old characters–like you have some sort of inside scoop. There is so much to be said about High Flyer, I won’t even try. Just remember it if you are looking for a new novel to read. You won’t be sorry.

Now I am just waiting for the third and last book in the series to be published.

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  1. I’ve got a couple of older Howatch books waiting on my shelf. I know one is _The Rich are Different_.

    Robertson Davies is also quite good at weaving characters from earlier books into later ones, or in some cases developing the stories of tangential characters of earlier books in later ones. The effect comes out the same, esp if you read them in a different order than they were written. Highly recommended. His take on religion is both friendly and nuanced. I think he must have been a Christian, though it’s hard to say for sure.

  2. Paul,
    I have had The Rich Are Different for years (bought it at a used bookstore), but I have never been able to get into it in the same way I have the other Howatch books. Perhaps Laurel or Joel has read it.

  3. How funny–I haven’t read this book either, though I did read the sequel, Sins of the Fathers. The unread Howatch on my shelf is Pennmaric. I think there’s also a companion book that I don’t know the name of, which is why I’m hesitant to even start it.

  4. Ok, now I’m wondering: I picked up a really nice used hardback copy of Sins of the Fathers at the annual RISD booksale last week (based on all of your great recommendations for Susan Howatch’s novels….thank you!) should I attempt to read the earlier novel (was it The Rich Are Different?) before I delve into this one? What do you think?

  5. Tricia,
    If you wait until I can get it to you, I’ll lend you The Rich are Different. I may actually buy you a copy at some point as I see this book at thrift stores often for 50 cents. Also I’d be happy to lend you Glittering Images or Wonder Worker, the first in Howatch’s Starbridge series and St Benet’s series, respectively. However, I imagine that if you read Sins of the Fathers and liked it, that would be ok, as I have found Howatch’s novels stand alone quite nicely.

  6. I have Glittering Images (finished reading), Glamorous Powers (more than half read), and Ultimate Prizes (not started yet), so I can loan to Tricia if she wants.

  7. I have not yet read any of Susan Howatch’s books but I did see one at the (full price) bookstore last week and thought of you. I read your comments to Tricia but was wondering what book you would recommend to someone who hasn’t read any of her books?

    Also wanted to let you I have read some fun great books lately for book club. You can email me or respond if you want to hear about them.

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