Baby coming out

“Mommy, today your baby coming out?” asked Evangeline this morning.

This is a question that she (3) and Nevin (5) ask every time I go to the OB. Time is a difficult concept for young children to grasp. Their older brother (6) has a much better handle on the timing for the baby’s arrival. Since he has been in school for 1 1/2 years now, he uses the school year’s milestones to mark the time until his baby sister arrives.

Another favorite topic of discussion regarding the baby is often started by Nevin. He will say, “How will they get the baby out? Will they cut off your arm?” Then there are a few other possibilities mentioned by Calvin and Evangeline. Mark and I have “handled” these discussions by just listening and not commenting much. Generally, if we don’t fuel the fire, the conversation dies out, and we move on to another topic.

4 thoughts on “Baby coming out”

  1. We have used the “birth canal” to divert questions of how the baby comes out but with my oldest at 4 1/2 I am sure that will only work for so long. I guess we better hurry and have a fouth before they start asking, for example, where their birth canals are? 🙂

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