I threw out the idea of taking the kids on an outing today because I have several little projects to complete that require nice weather. Today is nicer than yesterday–I suspect the temp is about 65, and the wind is only blowing at about 10 mph. So I headed to the garage to paint one of the dining chairs I didn’t get to a few months back.

When I painted the first time, I made some mistakes. I really need to repaint the chairs and table that I did then. That may happen some day, but not any time real soon. This time, I used a spray-on primer before painting. Last time, I tried a stripping fluid to take off varnish, and it didn’t do a great job, even with some sanding. I have put one coat of paint on. I am hoping to only need one coat with the primer. Then, I plan to put a spray on protecter coat of something that is sort of like polyurethane. The primer and the protecter will hopefully keep problems with cracking and chipping down.

The biggest problem is that when I do a job like this I really need to finish it in one day. We have an old garage with no electricity, so I need the sunshine for light and warmth. The reason this is a problem is that I forgot how tired I can get when I am 5 months pregnant. It took about 2 1/2 hours to the priming and painting. I am pretty tired from the whole experience. If I need to do another coat of paint plus the protecter coat, I don’t think I can face finishing today. I’m sorry for whining, I just wish things didn’t have to take so long.

On the positive side of things, I did get some laundry done while waiting for the various coats to dry, and the kids played outside for about 3 hours while I was out there painting. They will be good and tired tonight, and they will have had a nice day off from school just being kids.

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