Finished the chair

I finished painting the chair. It did take one more coat of paint and then 3 layers of the protective coating. Fortunately, that was spray on and dried in 30 minutes. It looks much better than my first attempt. Boy, I am glad to be finished with it. Only 3 more to do! Tomorrow the weather changes. The temp is supposed to drop by 20 degrees, so I won’t have to feel guilty for not painting for a while.

2 thoughts on “Finished the chair”

  1. Judging by the drastic change in our weather, yours has probably been even more drastic. I’m glad you got the chair finished, and I know what you mean about enjoying a legit excuse for not doing more of something!

  2. Yes, Mom. The temperature went from 65 on Monday to 40 and strong winds on Tuesday to the 20s on Wednesday to single digits this morning with a high of 24 for the day today. No painting will be done for quite some time if this keeps up.

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