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In an attempt to blog at least weekly, I thought I would write something to help get me in the habit. However, I have no real pressing thoughts in my brain right now. I told Mark today that by this point in pregnancy (5 months), I am sharing my brain with the baby. So I am not sure how creative or coherent I will be from this point until May when this little girl arrives.

We’ve had a good weekend. On Friday night, some friends watched the children for us while we went out with other friends from Norman for a birthday dinner of one in the party. It was a nice evening out with all grownups (except for the birthday girl’s 4-month-old, who slept the entire time we were at the restaurant). It was a terribly cold night in OKC, so the walk from where we parked to the restaurant was, shall I say, invigorating.

Yesterday, I took Evangeline with me and a friend to look at baby stuff and get ideas for the baby’s room. Even though we have 3 other children, I got rid of a lot of my baby stuff to lighten the load for our last move. I have also given away or sold clothes, etc., since we moved here because we just don’t have the storage space, and we weren’t really sure if we would have any more children. Well, since we are having one more, I need to start preparing. We didn’t buy anything yesterday, but we had fun looking. We also got some more ideas.

Today after church and Mark’s brief session meeting, we headed to OKC for lunch and to take the kids to the park. Souper Salad feeds children under 5 for free and 6-12 year olds for 99 cents, so it is a good deal for us to eat there. Although it was terribly cold on Friday night, today the temperature reached 61 degrees. The sun was shining, too. So we had to take advantage of the great weather. The Oklahoma wind was blowing strongly enough that jackets were still required, but it was a great day to be outside.

Now it is time to settle in for a quiet evening at home. Tomorrow is MLK, Jr., Day, so there’s no school for the boys. I am hoping to do something fun with them since the weather is supposed to stay nice until Tuesday evening.

Have a good week.

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  1. You must have been sharing your nice weather with us, but without the OK wind! Let us know your ideas for the baby’s room as they get firmed up.

    BTW, we look forward to your visit in February.

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