Sweet children

Kids do say funny things. A couple of random things from Evangeline today include:

What present did Jesus get for his birthday? (While gettting dressed this morning)

People love chocolate (grinning big and holding onto my arm to get my attention after waking up from her nap).

Your room is beautiful (while sitting on the stool near our computer in our room an looking around. It seemed like she was trying to an adult and make pleasant conversation.)

The things she (and the boys) say often remind me of how complicated I make things. Having children improves one’s perspective on life.

4 thoughts on “Sweet children”

  1. “People love chocolate” … now where could she have learned that? Truly a girl after my own heart!

  2. An adendum to Evangeline’s second question–since asking me about Jesus’ birthday present, I have noticed she has consistently refered to Christmas as Jesus’ birthday in regular conversation, such as when telling her pre-school teacher how she got her new sweater. I don’t know what this means, but I do appreciate her expressing her individuality in this way.

  3. Jennifer, while reading your addendum I just remembered how we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus before opening our gifts Christmas morning. Maybe that made a real impression on Evangeline. It’s very exciting to see how children learn — also a little frightening!

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