Happy Birthday to Mark–a day late

I meant to blog yesterday about Mark’s birthday, but I got too busy with the children preparing for our little family birthday celebration. Mark turned 35 yesterday. Since I am 2 1/2 years older than Mark, I am always happy when his birthday arrives. It marks the beginning of the half of the year where there is only 2 years difference in our ages!

If you have a moment and feel so led, surf on over to his blog, www.hornes.org/presbytermark to wish him a happy birthday.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Mark–a day late”

  1. Yet another thing we have in common, Jenn–we both married younger men! Joel is 11 months younger than me. For most of September we are the same age.

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  2. Jason is 7 months or so younger than I. I guess it is tradition in his family: his grandma was older than grandpa, mom than dad, sister than brother-in-law, etc …

  3. If I remember correctly, Mark was the only person in our senior class younger than me. I think that was the only time in my life I wasn’t the youngest in the class!

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