Gender Specific

It seems our Evangeline, who is 3, is already showing signs of truly identifying with the female sex. I went into her room last night, and I noticed that her Little Tikes dressing table had been moved to a new spot in the room. I said, “Evangeline, did you move your dressing table?” She said, “Yes. I just wanted it over here.” The desire to move furniture is a sure sign of one’s womanhood (or girlhood, as the case may be).

7 thoughts on “Gender Specific”

  1. My friends had two boys before their daughter was born. Heather says, “Don’t tell me boys and girls aren’t different, Issac and Eli never stood in the bathroom to watch me fix my hair.”

  2. And a nice thing about the female desire to move furniture is that it provides a great opportunity to employ the male desire to show off muscles — “Honey, I want the piano over THERE.” (Of course I ain’t got no honey, and had to move my piano by myself.)

  3. Just hope that she doesn’t act like Rachel’s sister, Esther (who is three), and run around the house lamenting that she isn’t married yet.

  4. Dawn– Evangeline likes to watch me fix my hair, too. The boys never did.

    Valerie– Evangeline is already trying to get Nevin to help her move things.

    Valerie S.– I think the lesson is, little girls act just like you.

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