Minco Lady Bulldogs #2

Well, as busy as my life is, I took some time out today to take Calvin and Nevin to see our local high school girls’ softball team play for the state championship. The Minco Lady Bulldogs made it to the final game, but, sadly, they lost by 1 point to Healton, OK. It was a close game. We left in the 9th inning, when it was tied 2-2. They didn’t end up in overtime, but the 3rd point was scored in the eleventh hour. The main reason we went to see the game was to support one of the star players who goes to our church. She has also babysat for us, so the boys know her pretty well. It was pretty exciting for the girls to be playing in the championship, and, while no one wants to be #2, it is still an accomplishment for which to be proud. Calvin was disappointed that they lost. He wants every Minco team to win, no matter what.

2 thoughts on “Minco Lady Bulldogs #2”

  1. Maybe Calvin can be consoled if you tell him an Oklahoma college team beat a Texas college team today in football!

  2. I won’t have to be that general. Calvin KNOWS what OU is. And, yes, I was thrilled to see that OU beat Texas.

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