Wheel of fortune again

Well, I am up to page 713 in Wheel of Fortune. One thing I’ve noticed in the most recent part of the book is a reference to Dame Julian of Norwhich. She was a big influence in Howatch’s Starbridge Series. I am also noticing a lot of talk about “taking off masks” and some of the characters leading double lives, also things that come up in Howatch’s other novels. I am enthralled with the book, and I have been staying up way too late reading for the last several days. I need to finish this book so I can pay proper attention to my life’s responsibilities.

One thought on “Wheel of fortune again”

  1. Mean, mean Susan! She puts you under such a spell! 🙂

    I plowed through the books (mine was a 2 volume set) in a frighteningly short period of time. The characters are really engaging, even the ones you don’t like!

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