Nothing new

It has been 10 days since I last blogged. And, even then it was me whining about sickness and housework. Well, most of us are better now, but the trips to the doctor continue for the boys as their antibiotics weren’t strong enough to get rid of their ear infections. So hopefully, in another 10 days my whining will cease! But at least the housework is at a more “normal” level now, so I can feel sane again on that front.

I rented Bridget Jones’ Diary for a second time on Saturday night so Mark could watch it with me. I enjoyed it again, but I felt like such an idiot for not having noticed all the similarities and/or references to Pride and Prejudice the first time I saw it. On top of the fact that Colin Firth plays a man named Mark Darcy, the whole reason for the strained relationship between Mark Darcy and the publisher rogue is quite similar to the reason for the strained relationship between Darcy and Wickam in P & P. The movie also seemed to say that women in Britain still put a high priority on finding a man–although it is not clear whether marrying them is necessary anymore. I definitely want to read the Bridget Jones books now.