Knight’s Tale/More on Anne

We rented and watched A Knight’s Tale on Tuesday night. I really enjoyed it. I loved the eighties music–who would have ever dreamed Queen could/would be used as background music for a medieval story line. I think what made the movie really enjoyable was the effective blend of the times. Obviously, the costumes were medieval, and the story of a commoner aspiring to be a knight has medieval origins. But, the actors portrayed their roles as moderns. They weren’t trying to act how they thought people of the medieval period would act. And, I think that made the characters better and more likeable.

On to Anne of Green Gables . . . I rented the 2-volume Disney movie today. After I watch that, I promise to post my review of the whole Anne book series and my thoughts on the movie. Hmmm . . . I write such things as if someone really reads this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Knight’s Tale/More on Anne”

  1. I thought Knight’s Tale was amusing but the romance bugged me a lot. William couldn’t even talk to Jocelyn the romantic way she wanted. I think it would have been cool for him to fall for the widowed blacksmith lady (who was much prettier than Jocelyn and more interesting as a person). If we’re going to turn the fairy-tale romance on its head, why no go whole-hog and have the tomboy get the guy and have the rising middle class emerge triumphant?

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