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Theologia has been ported

Theologia has been ported to Greymatter. I used the opportunity to upgrade the navigation system and make a few changes here and there, but it is largely the same site. The only real change from the normal Greymatter blog was the incorporation of categories with alphabetized listings… I sort of kludged it together with a rather short Perl script and the use of the Extended Text field in the Greymatter entry template.

The upside of all this is that our regular posters (mainly my brother, Mark) can submit their own material. All I have to do is run a script and it’s all there. The next and final step will be to call my script from within the Greymatter code. So hopefully you will start to see more consistent posting of content once everyone gets the hang of it.

Theologia ported to Greymatter

For those who care, I am currently in the process of porting Theologia to Greymatter. Why does this (grey)matter? Well, though there are numerous content management systems out there, Greymatter is well supported and, more importantly, my brother and I are both using it already. And it’s free. And it’s Perl. Though I am one of those worthless manager types now, I used to do real work and at one point was fairly proficient at Perl (I even have the clipping from PC Magazine on a short write-up that mentioned a site for which I had written a 10k line Perl engine… not that we went anywhere with it). I can still hack out some Perl if needed, so I prefer my freeware coded in Perl than, say, Python.

Anyway, the benefit to the consumer will hopefully be much more frequent updates to the content. I’m writing a script right now that will present the content alphabetized by title and organized by category. Then I’ll have to go crazy on the templates. And then we launch with a platform that is no longer dependent on me loading my brother’s pre-coded papers, updating each index, and then publishing the changes.

Now using Greymatter

Okay… I’ve switched over to the Greymatter blog I’ve been putting together behind the scenes. Here’s the caveats: I ported the comments but the dates are goofed up; the comments template is not yet complete… there may be others.

New Format

In case it isn’t obvious, I’m transitioning to a new format. I’ll try to keep it legible while I work out the kinks.

All systems go

Okay, everything seems to be in good working order. Comments, archives, it’s all up and running.

Switching to dotcomments

I am switching to dotcomments for my feedback. It stores the comments locally, so even if it doesn’t provide an elegant interface, at least I will have some control over the comments. Seems prudent. However, it will probably be a short time until I work out the kinks. Right now, it insists on claiming their are 22 comments against any post that has no comments.

Reblogger is down

Reblogger seems to be down… send me an email if it you know it is working and I’ve simply goofed up the code on my page.