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Thanks, Jay, for this link…

Excellent post by Nancy today for young mothers….something I needed to hear.

If you are interested, you can read it here.

“A wise mother bestows on her children, she does not demand. She teaches with the law of kindness (Prov. 31:26) on her tongue, builds her house (Prov. 14:1) one kindness at a time, looks well to the ways of her household (and behold, there are many “ways”), and treats her children with courtesy and love, considering their frame.”

The Journey Begins

The next chapter is up in my dad’s novel. Enjoy!

My dad’s novel

Exciting news! My father, John Horne, has put his novel out there for other folks to enjoy. I’ll add the following link to our sidebar, and I encourage you to do likewise. The code is below the picture. Or, if you’d like to do me a favor, you can copy the image to your own server and change the image source accordingly.

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

The Peg Leg Blues

My friend Greg Hewlett has put together the most astounding bit of political activism I have ever seen. The issue is detailed here and here. In summary, insurance carriers claim to cover prosthetics, but they typically don’t follow through on that claim if the prosthetic takes advantage of modern technology.

But that’s all a bit dry. Here’s Greg telling it like it is. Spread the word!


I never posted back about a month ago that these sweet baby boys had come home after spending 70+ days in the NICU. Their mom has created a slideshow which you can view at their website to help get a feel for their journey so far. We rejoice with the Bollines that Adam and Andrew are home, healthy, and growing. Praise God for so many answers to prayer for this family.

Sweet, Tiny Babies…

The children and I have been following the progress of these two tiny preemies, Andrew and Adam, with prayerful and hopeful hearts. Their parents are in my brother and sis-in-law’s small group at church. Lindsey and Kenny’s faith as witnessed on these pages is so encouraging to me. Especially since every time I get on this weblog, I have to blink back tears as I watch these tiny boys struggle for their lives. I so want them to grow and thrive and become strong. Say a prayer for the Bolline family this Christmas if you will…

Speaking of good news

Scott Adams got his voice back!

Gas Prices

If you are worried about the current price of gas and what it points to in the future, please take a look at this chart.

I’m not claiming I like the increase in prices, but it doesn’t necessarily portend some limitless growth in the cost of fuel.

Shoelace Knots

I thought I knew it all…

Ian’s Shoelace Site – Shoelace Knots – How To Tie Your Shoes