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Fun With Math

This is a picture of Josiah giving moral support to big brother Jonathan as he takes his placement exam for Singapore Math.


Nicolas tried to give moral support too, by way of looking over Jonathan’s shoulders and correcting his errors, much to Jonathan’s frustration. So even though it’s completely unnecessary, we gave Nicolas “his own test too” just for fun. (Because hey, math is fun, right Susanne? Well, Nicolas thinks so, too!)


The kids have used Saxon for the past several years at school, but Covenant is excited about introducing Singapore for the first time this fall, and we are making the switch too. After much work we got through the placement stuff


and have figured out where to start our own little pupils this year. Abigail loves the word problems and says she is looking forward to doing this new kind of math! Josiah is not so sure:


“Yeesh Mom! This math stuff sure is hard for a two year old to grasp!”


  1. Susanne
    Jun 28, 2008

    Yes it is!! Happy to hear about Abigail liking the word problems–they make you think. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Love that Nicolas!

  2. Mom/Ruth
    Jun 28, 2008

    Yeah, but with that sword in his hand I’m sure he can conquer anything!

  3. Peter
    Jun 30, 2008

    I hear it’s mightier than the pencil, too!