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Watchful Puppy

Today Josiah awoke with a bad stomach virus, and spent the day on an air mattress in the living room, alternately getting sick, crying because he felt so miserable, and falling asleep with the exhaustion of it all. We have had several sick wards in the living room already this year, but this was one was a little different, because today, in the middle of it all, was Dixie the pup, who lay near Josiah’s side through much of the day. And who even several times attempted to lie almost on top of Josiah on his air mattress, perhaps in an effort to help him know she really, really wanted to be as close to him as possible, and comfort him in his distress. Sweet doggie.



  1. Mom/Ruth
    Apr 16, 2008

    Hopefully Dixie will be “good medicine” for Josiah.

  2. Melissa
    Apr 17, 2008

    That is too cute. Love that picture and hope your little buddy is feeling better.