Christmas Blessings

We have had a whirlwind of activity the last week or so and have not posted much as a result. Now that the festivities are mostly over, we are feeling lazy, slowly taking down the Christmas decorations, and trying to put some 2008 resolutions into action, even as we diligently work on polishing off the still rather large pile of holiday fudge, cookies, chocolate and candy.

But before the new year gets into full swing, it seems fitting to remember some of the highlights of our family’s Christmas holiday. Here are a few of the things that come to mind as we reflect on Christmas 2007, which we are so grateful for:

* Houseguests aplenty to make the days around Christmas that much more festive.

* Major answers to prayer regarding the health of not just members of our immediate family, but also extended family, which made getting together with everyone, and celebrating a LOT more feasible!

* 53 pictures taken of the famous Baby Isaac sitting in his bouncy chair by none other than our own Nicolas, with his new Christmas camera. (They all looked pretty much like this):


* Baking with the children: pies and cookies, and enjoying eating the fruits of our labor!

* Advent devotions as a family.

* Lots and lots of sunshine-y days to help the cold weather seem not quite so cold.

* Jay home from work for two wonderful, long weeks!!

* Josiah’s two year old rendition of “Away in a Manger” – so precious!

* Visits throughout the holiday with TONS of family on both sides: grandparents, uncles, aunts, first and second cousins…and all the fun that went along with this.

* Christmas stockings finally sewn for the three oldest children (though my efforts toward this lasting until past 5am on Christmas Eve were NOT a high point for me!).

* Jay’s and my Christmas present to each other, which consisted of hiring some professional painters to finish out the common areas of the house just in time for the holidays. And the results of which we are enjoying SO MUCH!!

* The blessing of another year to celebrate the wonder that is the birth of Jesus, the Christ-child, our Emmanuel.