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May have been a tactical error

Tricia asked me to post our latest eBay auction. I was overcome with helpfulness and took the liberty of rewriting the description.


  1. Melissa
    Dec 15, 2007

    Hilarious! I would totally bid on it if my children were getting anything but rocks and sticks for Christmas. They’ve been naughty and if I don’t follow through on my threats, what kind of horrible parent would I be?
    Good luck with the auction! I love it when it tells you “You’ve won!” Yippee!

  2. jami
    Dec 16, 2007

    Shameless…are you for hire if we really need to move something on e-bay?

  3. Uncle Andrew
    Dec 17, 2007

    Reminds me of Tidey, the little boat that could.

    “This Christmas, take your Children to see Tidey, or they’ll hate you forever.”

  4. Peter
    Dec 18, 2007

    Hey, Titey rocks. And your kids will think YOU rock this Christmas if you take them to see Titey.

    I wonder how many ebayers think your name is “J. Thorne”.