Tarzan update 1

This is fun. My new system on Collective2 is off to a fast start.

As I said before, swing trade systems don’t come naturally to me, so this was very challenging. The system holds 7 positions at a time with an average hold time in the neighborhood of 7 trading days, so it roughly turns over one position a day… which, in my opinion, qualifies as a modestly paced swing trade pattern.

However, the current return rate will not be sustained. In fact, I am confident that it is way out in front of its sustainable return rate, so much so that I felt compelled to add a warning at the front of the system overview. Here’s how the description currently reads.

Doing a Little Happy Dance Over Here…

…because we’ve finally, after much agonizing, made a decision and ordered a dishwasher to replace our vintage model, which sadly, doesn’t really wash dishes anymore, despite its name. I carefully studied the research on current models, and then shopped around town, checking with clearance outlets, looking through last season’s models, and called every store I could locate to sift through their scratch/dent sales, etc. Unearthing no amazing bargains this way, I settled for finding the lowest price in town on our first choice, and got Lowes* to price-match that (saving us $93 in the bargain), and then waited until they ran a free installation special. Their special is good through this Sunday, the 16th, for anyone else in the market for a dishwasher. The installation rebate will save us both $150 and a couple hours of my sweet husband’s time. Looks like our new dishwasher will take a few weeks to get here, but I can wait. I’m so excited!!

*Sears and Lowes will not usually offer the best price on major appliances, but they each have price-matching guarantees which you can use to your advantage. The best customer service I received was from our local Lowes store, so I dearly wanted to give them our business if I could get the lowest price through them, which I did.

What We’re Smelling…

Smoldering, day-old fish stick that was inadvertently left at the bottom of the oven last night while preparing a hasty meal for the kids before marching out the door to Wednesday night church classes. Which is now burning up (the fish stick, not the classes) b/c I turned the oven on this morning to bake some muffins. And let me tell you, it’s not a pleasant odor in the slightest! (again, the very despised, scorching fish stick, not the nice muffins).


What WE think of abortion – by the women who had them

Sticky Start to the Day

While checking my blogs just now, and eating my morning peanut butter toast, I had a little mishap. I dropped my toast, and watched it flip around and around as if in slow motion, until it gracefully landed butter side down on my toes. While I hate to waste that precious peanut butter, you will probably be happy to hear that I refrained from licking my buttered toes.

Female Fantasies

This one is for the ladies… (HT Mark)

Female Fantasies


How many of you have been admonished at the beginning of a worship service to set aside your worldly concerns and focus on the worship of God (or some close variant)? I’d like to propose that although there may be some truth to such an admonition, there is also a very real danger that may cause us to turn our hearts from God.

Yesterday, right before worship, I got a bit of bad news and felt like I wanted to vomit as we were driving to church. And it made me realize that to set aside such a concern (or, more realistically, to pretend to set it aside) as I entered worship would actually be contrary to faith. There is no godliness in refusing to rely on God, and it is not faith to hide the concerns of your heart from God.  Randomly open your Bible somewhere within the book of Psalms, close your eyes, and point, and you’ll have a proof-text for what I’m claiming.

Instead of setting aside our “worldly concerns”, I would suggest what matters is what we do with them. Do we continue to think we can solve our problems on our own, focusing on lifting ourselves up out of our problems while in the worship of God? Or do we come to worship offering God not only our songs, our tithes, but also our problems, our fears, our vanities? Faith gives God everything, not just the stuff we think we’ve prettied up.

Iron Maiden

Last night we had some friends over for dinner and at some point the conversation managed to wind its way around such that my reference to the Battle of Passchendaele made sense. And the question came up as to how I knew about this grim killing field from World War I, and of course the answer was Iron Maiden

At which point I found myself explaining something that is probably utterly mystifying to anyone who did not grow up listening to heavy metal but is enjoyed greatly by those of us who did: much of Iron Maiden’s repertoire is based on references to literature, history, film, television, and mythology. And it is often done quite respectfully. Even, one might say, tastefully.

To make the point here, I’ll highlight a few of the songs that I’ve enjoyed and then ask my faithful readers who might have listened to a little Maiden growing up to chime in with further references. Of course, that assumes I have any faithful readers left. So here goes.

The Trooper – Tennyson’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade” and the Battle of Balaclava (part of the Crimean War)

Where Eagles Dare – book and movie of the same name

Flight of Icarus – Greek myth

To Tame a Land – “Dune” by Frank Herbert. Here’s a great detail from Wikipedia.

However, when Steve Harris requested permission from the author to name the song “Dune” and to use a spoken quotation as the track’s intro, his request was met with a stern reply from Frank Herbert’s agent: “No. Because Frank Herbert doesn’t like rock bands, particularly heavy rock bands, and especially rock bands like Iron Maiden”. This statement was backed up with a legal threat, and eventually the song was renamed “To Tame a Land” and released in 1983.

Children of the Damned – film of the same name

The Prisoner & Back in the Village (2 songs, 1 topic) – British television show “The Prisoner”

Run to the Hills – Europeans coming to the Americas

Aces High – British RAF versus the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain

Rime of the Ancient Mariner – though 13 minutes in length, it is still an abridged version of the poem

Still waiting for the rebate

I love spending time at Fry’s, but somehow, this doesn’t surprise me.