A Definitive Diagnosis

I wanted to provide a bit of recap on stuff around here the last day. A diagnosis has finally been made on Jonathan’s illness, and based on what we’ve learned, all the illness we have seen around our house for the past three weeks is beginning to make sense, and appears very related. But I’ll back up….

Things got pretty interesting on Friday and Saturday. Baby Josiah took a turn for the worse with his tummy virus: he got significantly worse Friday night, starting running a fever, was up much of the night again, and became “limp” early Saturday. A trip to the pediatrician assured us he was not dehydrated or in any immediate danger, and the doctor gave us a few suggestions which appear to have helped him some. While he has not made a full recovery, he did sleep through the night last night, and today is perkier again. How wonderful to see him playful and happy after the past few days.

As you already know, Jonathan came home from the hospital in the early afternoon yesterday and we are so thankful to have him and Jay back. He continues with fever and lethargy, but will hopefully gain strength gradually. He had a great night’s sleep last night in his own bed which is a huge blessing. His hospital doctor called a short while ago to inform us that based on some cultures done while he was at Children’s, they have made a definitive diagnosis: adenovirus, which is a collective name for a group of viruses that afflict mostly children, have far-ranging symptoms, and often mimic pneumonia closely. From what the doctor described, we are concluding that Josiah has actually had the same virus, just in somewhat different form, and that Abigail’s illness from a week ago also falls into the same group of symptoms. Nicolas, our only child who has not been ill these past three weeks, probably not wanting to be left out of the “fun”, woke us at 3am crying, as he had started with high fever, headache, and some other symptoms Jonathan had.

So…that is a longwinded way of telling you, it looks like we know what we are dealing with here. Antibiotics won’t help; the only treatment is to keep the body strong in order to help fight the virus till it’s gone. Jonathan’s case was much worse given his recent bout of pneumonia, and weakened system, which is why he ended up in the hospital. We hope and pray the other two little boys will experience a much more “normal” course of this virus. Fever and other symptoms are supposed to last approximately five days.

Thank you all for your prayers, concerns, notes, etc over the past few days. You are of great encouragement to us. Maybe within a week’s time our family will be ready to venture back out into society, and celebrate the last remaining days of summer. (I REALLY hope so!)

As a small aside, I’m wondering if we should consider setting up a sub-category for blogposts on this website entitled “Sickness, Illnesses, The Latest Plague at House of Horne, etc etc”. Heheh, just a bit of humor, dear readers!

Jonathan is home

There have been a few twists and turns since my last post. Yesterday morning, it seemed like Jonathan was doing very well and would likely be headed home today. Then he spiked a high fever in the afternoon and those hopes dwindled. We had a rough night and then an early morning visit from vampires, er, I mean the nurse who draws blood for further lab work.

When the doctor came by a couple hours later, Jonathan was still struggling with fever and discouraged by the blood letting.  Interestingly, the doctor reported that all lab reports were looking good and moving in the right direction. And this without any new doses of antibiotic (which they withheld to test the hypothesis that it was viral).

So, it appears Jonathan is afflicted with a mystery virus that piggy-backed the pneumonia from a couple weeks ago. Mono is one of the suspects. But whatever the culprit, there wasn’t much to do other than ride it out, so were given the okay to head home. There are a few more results that should be coming in on Monday, so we may yet discover the actual culprit, but it is good to be home.

Emailing Jonathan

Children’s has a medium set up for patients to receive email messages from friends and loved ones. Anything you send will be hand-delivered to Jonathan. Click here if you’d like to send him a message directly. He is a great reader, and loves to get mail of any variety. Thanks, Everyone!

Jonathan’s hospital stay

First, we appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers, offers of help, and other expressions of love that have poured in over the past couple days.

Jonathan and I arrived at Children’s Medical Center yesterday afternoon and were treated to the least tortuous, least degrading, easiest admittance process I have ever experienced (and I’ve experienced about 20 of them). Interestingly, the gentleman signing us in was apparently in training for Mr. Universe or something, and his biceps were probably bigger than my thighs. But I digress.

Jonathan was doing very well, particularly given he was running a 103 degree fever. Once we were settled in a room (and a nice room at that, think LDR), we had a nice long consultation with our hospitalist. She was pleasant and competent, traits shared with pretty much everyone at Children’s. She then ordered a battery of tests, and Jonathan made me proud as he kept his composure while they poked, prodded, measured, x-rayed, and bled him through the evening. Along the way he enjoyed a dinner of french toast and bacon, cried after spilling his hot chocolate (and not from the hot liquid all over himself, but because he was enjoying it), took in a view of Pete’s Dragon, and generally did very well. Tricia dropped by late in the evening for a nice visit that coincided with the administration of the antibiotic via the IV installed earlier, and then Jonathan settled in for some sleep. I settled in for “sleep”, as I was on this couch-bed thing that was roughly equal to a balance beam surrounded by some squishy couch material.

The night went reasonably well, though there were some rough patches as Jonathan broke his fever. This morning he had no fever, which was fantastic, but didn’t last. The hospitalist came by again, with the surprising report that the x-ray hadn’t really shown any pneumonia. So next up was a CAT scan and then a rousing game of Battleship, followed by the return of the fever and some lunch.

So we have test results drifting in, but no real resolution yet. The hospital stay has been very pleasant, but we would like to be home. And I suppose that’s a good thing.

What’s Up Around Here

Last night saw very little sleep for most of us as Jonathan relapsed with high fever, and Josiah fought a very nasty tummy bug, which he continues to fight today.

This morning after seeing Jonathan our pediatrician made the decision to hospitalize him, because he did not like the direction the pneumonia was taking. Jonathan is now checked in, and they are running a series of tests to rule out anything worse, in order to determine proper course of treatment. He is under the care of a very competent and compassionate doctor, and we are thankful for the attentive care he will receive, though we miss him terribly at home.

For his part, Jonathan was quite nervous about the prospect of hospitalization, so prayers for his little heart to be calm, and for his little body to heal are all very appreciated.

We are thankful for our sweet Grammy, who has come to be of help. Her presence has cheered us, and the house is a fresher, cleaner, more delightful place to be since her arrival.

I will try to post updates here as we have them.

Passing Notes

This was written in very big letters, and handed to me earlier this morning while I was in the midst of a phone conversation. We have tried to teach our children not to interrupt us unless it is an emergency, but I guess they assumed a written message was a good way to get around that rule:

“Jo has a Stinky!!!”

and then in tiny little letters at the bottom of the note:

“(pe yu)”.

I wear my sunglasses at night

The latest from Nicolas, this one on the long range weather forecast.

Nicolas: Dad, guess what.

Jay: What’s that?

Nicolas: The other week (note: that means “next week” in Nicolas-speak), it’s going to be sunny the whole week. The whole week. Even at night, it’s going to be sunny.