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My dad’s novel

Exciting news! My father, John Horne, has put his novel out there for other folks to enjoy. I’ll add the following link to our sidebar, and I encourage you to do likewise. The code is below the picture. Or, if you’d like to do me a favor, you can copy the image to your own server and change the image source accordingly.

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>


  1. Mom/Ruth
    Aug 6, 2007

    Wow! It’s sort of scary and exciting all at the same time. Thanks for your hard work (and especially your persistence) in making it happen!

  2. Peter
    Aug 6, 2007

    Cool… is this the revelation of his long-held Baha’i faith?

  3. John
    Aug 7, 2007

    Novel is a stretch. I’ve always thought of it as a tale – a yarn. It may just be a collection of words.