2007 June | House of Horne

Sort of bluish putty-colored

At lunch, I gave each of the boys a Trix yogurt, which have a couple colors/flavors in a single cup. Jonathan and Nicolas each stirred theirs into a single bluish putty-colored mass. At which point 6 year old Jonathan pipes up with:

“Look Nicolas, it’s sort of an indigo cerulean.”

Indigo what???

I had to look up the proper spelling for this entry.

He did look pretty enough in the movies to be wearing makeup

Our children are becoming familiar with the epic that is Lord of the Rings. In addition to Jonathan’s current reading of the Hobbit, the three older children are enjoying segmented, slow screenings of Peter Jackson’s three LotR movies with their Daddy. One can witness their fascination with the story as they play together, though obviously one of them is still a bit mixed up over a few of the characters. This morning, they were all in the boys’ room, constructing bows and arrows from K’nex, and putting on their dress-up armor in preparation for a great battle.

“I am going to be the elf-princess, Arwen,” declared Abigail. Jonathan, ready to fight, said he wasn’t exactly sure which elf he wanted to be, but that he was certainly going to win the war. Nicolas however, confidently stated, “Well, I am going to be LipGloss*!”

* For those not as familiar with the LotR trilogy, we’re pretty sure he meant Legolas.

Deer Lake

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I just finished a 67,000 word entry on our long weekend at Deer Lake.

Which catechism question covers this?

Today we had a time of praise during our family prayers. I asked the children what they could say about God to praise him. When we got to Nicolas…

“That He’s magical.”

And the disciples were his merry men…

While on our long weekend away, the kids all participated in a competitive game of Junior Trivial Pursuit. One question to Nicolas stood out.

The question: What folk hero was known for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?

Nicolas’ emphatic answer: Jesus.

Having a good weekend

More on this later, but here’s a preview.