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Only in Florida

Who would have thought a major news item could be found with the following search:

“naked man” alligator “crack cocaine”

Head on over to Google News and see for yourself.


  1. Rita
    Dec 6, 2006

    Jay, Are you picking on my homies? I’m so proud to be from Polk County. (Please note utter sarcasm.) BTW…why would you be doing a search on those key words?

  2. Jay
    Dec 6, 2006

    Two counties to the east was my birthplace…

    And come on, who doesn’t start their day with a search of the news that includes illegal drugs, lack of clothing, and dangerous animals? You know, like “heroine rhinoceros birthday suit”.

    Okay, one of the folks I pick up with my RSS feed linked it. I should have provided a hat tip.