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One last note on Goliath

A few weeks ago, Tricia and I noticed that we have been delinquent in teaching Nicolas his Bible stories… well, Tricia noticed it and called me at work to let me know. So I came home to assess the situation. And I will let our gentle readers know that in the intervening time much progress has been made to alleviate the situation… but enough of defensive disclaimers, I must now recount the initial bit of my assessment.

Jay: Who made the ark?

Nicolas: God.

Jay: Well… (thinking: Hmmm… I’m a good Calvinist. There’s a profound truth in what he says. But I don’t think he has a clue.) No. God didn’t make the ark. He had Noah make the ark. With a hammer.

Jay: Who was Jesus’ mother?

Nicolas: God.

Jay: No, Nicolas, stop goofing off. Who was Jesus’ mother?

Nicolas: Goliath?


  1. Mom/Ruth
    Jul 17, 2006

    Whew! After reading your introductory paragragh too hurriedly, I thought for a moment that the dialogue was supposed to reflect the “much progress” you spoke of! Nicolas is a funny guy.

  2. angie
    Jul 18, 2006

    Love the “thinking” comment.

    That Nicolas! He’s a cutie!