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Easter Pic

It’s hard to get 4 kiddos looking at the camera at the same time, let along all smiling, especially when some of them think the sun is “SO BRIGHT!!!”, even in the shade. But here’s our best representation of our four, taken this past Sunday after Easter worship.


We had a great Easter dinner and afternoon at Jay’s parents, despite forgetting diapers in the diaper bag for the first time in our recollection as parents! That’s in almost seven and a half years!! I’m afraid we even held up the meal a little. But…we are thankful for stores which are open, yes, even on Easter Sunday!


  1. CuzNuzRuth
    Apr 23, 2006

    Dear Tricia, Your final selection is very lovely. Can’t imagine how many pics you took tho to get one you could be satisfied with having little kids once myself. Too bad I was such a perfectionist – missed opportunites to share good pics when a nice one would have done and would have had happier kids in the process. Live and learn. Nice idea to put the white sheet under tham.

  2. Mom/Ruth
    Apr 25, 2006

    Love the picture! I think it would be fun to see some side-by-side pictures of Josiah and Abigail as a baby, especially while smiling.

  3. Leslie
    Apr 26, 2006

    Cute picture! Little Josiah is sure getting big.

  4. angie
    Apr 26, 2006

    Yummy!! Chubby baby arms and legs are really yummy and your baby is no exception! Cuteness (all of the children)!

    I’m really glad a previous commenter pointed out that they are all sitting on a sheet. I was wondering why they were all sitting on Abigail’s dress!! :)