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Your Aunt Diane was my college roomate and my best friend. Thank you for posting this compassionate and informative tribute written by your grandfather. I remember him as a large man with a gentle, quiet matter and the same mischievious wit as Diane. Listening to their verbal sparing was amazing.

Yep, she pulled a lot of pranks in college.( I was always talked into helping, but the genius was hers!) I had to escape to the library to get any studying done. College was hard for me, but a breeze for her. I will write down some of her practical jokes later. She was unbelievably creative and fun, but never really hurt anyone or destroyed anything. Surprising, embarrassing, and entertaining people was enough for her.

In addition to keeping me from getting bored, she helped me to process our Biblical studies. Our society was changing drastically during the late ’60s. Reconciling the Bible dictates and society messages was challenging and we had some interesting discussions. Most of the female students were too polite to argue, but not us. We had trouble getting our dorm mates to realize that we were not mad at each other, but were processing ideas. Much of what I am today and what I think are a direct result of her insisting that I think logically and compassionately.

Her life was a blessing and her death is a loss for those of us left behind.

By: Rollin http://hornes.org/2006/02/remembering-diane/#comment-948 Thu, 02 Mar 2006 02:25:43 +0000 http://www.hornes.org/?p=355#comment-948 Jay, we grieve with you and your family in this time of loss, and we’ll be praying for you all. What a touching tribute your grandfather wrote, and what a great witness to us all.