And Now, A Word From the Youngest Member of the Family…

Hi Everyone! Yesterday I turned 5 weeks old. I weighed 10lbs 12ozs at the doctors, which means I am gaining just over 1 oz a day. That’s because I eat so much! In addition to eating, my biggest project these days, besides seeing how many diapers I can possibly go through in a 24 hour period, is perfecting my smile. I really only smile for Mommy, because well, she’s the one who spends the most time with me and all. It’s pretty hard to get all my little facial muscles in just the right way so as to produce that disarming baby grin. But last night Daddy got lucky and he caught my little smile on camera. It’s only a side shot, so you won’t get the full effect, but i hope you enjoy it. Here’s me, with my sweet Mommy:



  1. Mom/Ruth
    Nov 5, 2005

    Dear Josiah! Maybe he’ll share his sweet smile with all of us before very long.

  2. Lenise
    Nov 7, 2005

    That’s a wonderful smile!!! He must be a real sweetheart =]

  3. Nils
    Nov 7, 2005

    Great shot! We look forward to meeting little J.

  4. Leslie
    Nov 7, 2005

    What precious smiles!

  5. angie
    Nov 8, 2005

    The look on his face is so precious! This is a great picture, T! Good job, Jay!

    Very cute.

  6. Tricia
    Nov 19, 2005

    Thanks, everyone. We are getting more and more smiles these days from darling Josiah. How blessed we are…