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Making Connections

Abigail was examing a plastic cup tonight from Chili’s that featured the “Pepper Pals”. She noticed that each member of the band had a name printed beside them and, with a bit of help from me, read them: Sunny, Chip, Pepper, and Hal. Then she says:

“Oh, maybe Pepper likes peppers. And maybe Sunny likes sunny, sunshine. And Chips likes chips. And maybe Hal likes hell.”


  1. Nils
    Sep 15, 2004


  2. Valerie (Kyriosity)
    Sep 16, 2004

    Out of the mouths of babes… :^P

  3. Mom/Ruth
    Sep 17, 2004

    Jay, could be Abigail really said “maybe Hal likes hail.”

  4. Jay
    Sep 17, 2004

    You know, that is a possibility. Having been born and raised in Texas, her accent is already quite different than mine. Both “hell” and “hail” come out more like “hay-ell” to my ears. In fact, many words get an extra syllable with that little Texas accent of hers.

  5. Peter
    Sep 20, 2004

    But let’s face it, what sounds better in a blog post? Frankly, it reminds me of Deep Thoughts and Fuzzy Memories, which — as we all know — are near and dear to Jay’s consciousness.

  6. TOM
    May 1, 2007