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Good News!

I’ve been sitting on a bit of wonderful news for some time now, but it only seemed proper that I save my excitement until after Bloggy posted an official announcement on his own page. My baby brother is engaged!! Hooray!! We are so thrilled that soon he and Miss Jamison, as she is fondly referred to around here, will be married. We are all absolutely smitten with the future Mrs. Brunone. Our children ask at least once a day when the wedding will be.

Our prayers and best wishes are with the happy couple as they prepare to start this new phase of life. Thanks be to God for bringing them together and may He richly bless them in their upcoming marriage.


  1. Mom/Ruth
    Apr 10, 2004

    You know we’re thrilled — and in a very indirect, round-about way, we can claim to be related to the Schwarzes and the Dishmans!

  2. Stephanie
    Apr 13, 2004

    I cannot figure out any wild roundabout way that we could be related to any of the participants…a big congratulations and we look forward to the newlyweds setting up house in our area!

  3. Uncle Andrew
    Apr 14, 2004

    Stephanie, since Peggy has claimed for herself the position of being my mother, you’re technically my step-sister. Welcome to the family!

    Thanks for the support and love, everyone. It’s nice to know that we’ll have such great friends (and family Steph) living near to us when we move to the DFW area.

  4. Stephanie
    Apr 15, 2004

    Yea!!!! Thanks Andrew!!!

  5. Jamison
    Apr 19, 2004

    Hey Everybody-
    Thanks for your sweet comments–Andrew and I are so pleased that you all are excited for us!!!