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Easter Pictures

Though we’re a little late with this, we wanted to post some pictures from last Sunday’s Easter celebration. After a beautiful and uplifting service in the morning (the highlight of which for our kids was the rare “Children’s Sermon”), we were blessed to be joined by Mom and Dad Horne and our good friends the Clemmons for a bountiful supper and evening together. It was a beautiful day so after dinner the guys hid 50+ plastic eggs in our yard for which the 4 older children proceeded to “hunt”. This was quite an interesting scene to watch as certain of them were very intent upon egg-finding while others quite obviously had more important matters to attend to, such as keeping their cute floppy hats atop their precious strawberry blonde heads! It was such a delightful way to spend our day and we hope you’ll enjoy sharing it vicariously with us by way of the photos.


  1. Stephanie
    Apr 27, 2003

    It was a lovely way to spend Easter! Thank you Tricia and Ruth for a beautiful and delicious dinner!

  2. 'drew
    Apr 28, 2003

    So what’s the deal with David’s hand in that picture with him and Jay? Seems like a little too much male bonding for my tastes…

    It looks like everyone had a great time; Nicolas is still the cutest, way to be.

  3. Tricia
    Apr 28, 2003

    We concur with your sentiments. And were so thankful all of you could be there!

  4. Jay
    Apr 29, 2003

    Yes, well, that particular picture (Jay and David) almost didn’t go up for that very reason. It’s all about force perspective… you know, LotR and all that…

  5. Shawn
    Mar 23, 2004

    lleluia, it’s Easter time ! It’s a season to rejoice with friends and family and have a whole lotta fun with Easter bunnies, egg hunts, jelly beans and Easter baskets overflowing with goodies ! Wish everyone you know a great Easter with these ecards