Visit to the park

Here are some photos from our trip to the park yesterday. It was Nicolas’ first time in a swing, and Jonathan’s first time on a big boy swing. To top off the experience, we managed to drive away without our stroller. Thankfully, it was still there 3 hours later when we realized the mistake and returned for it.


  1. Andrew
    Mar 10, 2003

    Praise God it wasn’t his first time in a big girl swing; Jonathan continues to be in my prayers…

  2. Tricia
    Mar 10, 2003

    Maybe not the swing, but last night he was hoping to get to wear “big girl pants” as he is learning to use the potty, and he frequently requests “big girl cup” at supper time. We’ve discovered two things: (1)having a big sister influences his perception of life (in many ways very positively I might add), and (2)the phrase “big boy ______”, is challenging to say, even for the very articulate Jonathan.

  3. Sandra Brunone
    Mar 24, 2003

    Andrew, just remember I have pictures of you wearing a very pretty pink dress and hair ribbons when you were not much older than Jonathan…

  4. Tricia
    Mar 24, 2003

    Is this some costume you forced our little brother to wear before he was old enough to resist? Please share! I say we scan and post it! :)