Run DMC no more

This is just pathetic. Jam Master Jay was shot in the head last night while working in Run DMC’s recording studio. Though I never listened to much Run DMC, their music generally set a better tone than much of the junk produced in the modern rap scene.


  1. run-dmc fan
    Dec 2, 2002

    Man I have been a fan of theirs for awhile they never had any swearing so suck the **** up…

  2. run-dmc fan
    Dec 2, 2002

    just kidding man

  3. run-dmc fan
    Dec 2, 2002

    they were very religous sorry about the outburst

  4. Reverend Run
    Dec 29, 2003

    Run Dmc is the best rap group of all time.
    Reverend Run and D.M.C God bless you

    Jam Master Jay Rest in Peace, we never forget you.