Unintended Consequences

A search on Google for “cogito ergo” yields a hit on my blog with the following summary text provided:

… Friday, December 28, 2001. “Poopie’s hiding. He’s having lunch. He’s eating a poptart.” My soon …

Of all the possible entries to dislocate from its original context, why that one?


  1. Wyclif
    Jan 30, 2002

    The folks who built Google are known to have a sadistic streak.

  2. scott cunningham
    Feb 15, 2002

    By the way, “poopie’s hiding he’s having lunch he’s eating a poptart” has become an inside joke between my wife and I.

  3. Rick
    Feb 16, 2002

    Ya know, it has been over two weeks, and I am still laughing at that google search.