Ocean’s Eleven

I suppose I shouldn’t have mentioned Ocean’s Eleven without providing at least a thumbs up/down. I thought the movie was great and lived up to its hype as a slick popcorn-eating entertainment package. No deep thoughts here, just a fun time as the plot unfolds. It was also surprisingly non-vulgar given the trends these days. Mild language, mild sex, mild violence, etc. I had wanted to see the movie after noticing that it was getting universally good reviews, from CNN to NPR.

I’ll also have to admit that I almost fell out of my chair laughing during the preview for Orange County. I guess I have a weakness for well done, immature movies.

And now I just need to help arrange for a baby-sitter on December 19…


  1. Wyclif
    Dec 12, 2001

    As well as the babysitter, it looks like you may need to call the box office w/credit card in hand around December 17th.

    Ugh. Looks like I’ll have to fight the geeks for a seat. I was hoping a new Trek film would open on the same day so they’d be in another theatre.

  2. garver
    Dec 13, 2001

    Buy those tickets now for LOTR. We purchased ours over a week ago.