Harry Potter

Is ‘Harry Potter’ by the book? I’ll admit I’m planning to see the Harry Potter movie at some point, but I haven’t read any of the books and am curious if folks thought they were a worthwhile read.

Is Clinton for real?

From the Washington Times:

Bill Clinton, the former president, said yesterday that terror has existed in America for hundreds of years and the nation is “paying a price today” for its past of slavery and for looking “the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and killed.”

Is this guy for real? Osama killed thousands because we used to have slaves?

All systems go

Okay, everything seems to be in good working order. Comments, archives, it’s all up and running.

Switching to dotcomments

I am switching to dotcomments for my feedback. It stores the comments locally, so even if it doesn’t provide an elegant interface, at least I will have some control over the comments. Seems prudent. However, it will probably be a short time until I work out the kinks. Right now, it insists on claiming their are 22 comments against any post that has no comments.

Reblogger is down

Reblogger seems to be down… send me an email if it you know it is working and I’ve simply goofed up the code on my page.

Dallas Mavs 3 and 1

Only four games in and Dirk delivers the third win of the season. Go back to 1998 and the Mavs only won 20 out of 82 games… it’s a turn-around reminiscent of the Cowboys in the early 90’s.

Thoughts on blogs

What strange creatures, these blogs. Out of the impersonal medium of the web comes this weirdly revealing format of exposing one’s thoughts to the public. Perhaps its no different than the games played all along in the chat rooms (“hi. i’m skeletor, pay me homage!”). The blog captures a reflection of that which one wants to reflect, a revealing display in and of itself.