Mavs 5 and 1

Five and One. I suppose if you haven’t lived in Dallas for the past 8 years it doesn’t make your jaw drop…


  1. Spunky
    Nov 13, 2001

    Who cares about the Mavs? Let’s talk about the Cowboys and whether you folks up there on the Little Concrete Slab in North Texas actually think that they are still America’s Team. Perhaps if they moved to Division II or the Women’s Professional Football League…

    No, wait. The problem is that you don’t have Nate Newton. You know I’ve heard that marijuana is high in carbohydrates. Maybe that’s how he kept his ripped physique…

  2. Jay
    Nov 13, 2001

    To the person from the Giant Concrete Smelly Jungle in South Texas, I can only say that the Cowboys will probably continue to have problems for years to come until they finally settle on a new coach… no wait, we’ve already tried that several times… I think I mean a new owner.